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Jenna Barnes
A Wildly Inspired Chef + Retreat Curator

“FOOD IS pleasure AND nourishment”


After working on organic farms for years and diving into studies of Herbalism with the East West School of Planetary Herbology, Jenna is obsessed with quality ingredients and wildcrafted plants.


A “kitchen magician” or “food fairy”, as she’s been labeled, Jenna is furthermore an endlessly curious cat, a travel lover; drawn to places and people from which she learns about new flavors, traditional recipes, and medicinal herbs. She infuses this knowledge with her own creative twist to the dishes she creates.


No matter what event or occasion, her intention is to serve inspired, healing and energizing food that connects us to a place and with purpose.

Jenna has been spending time digging deeper into the ancient wisdom and plants of Crete since 2016 and is grateful to show others the magic of this place. She is excited to teach about the plants this week and curate some of the meals as a ritual to embody the wisdom of nature.

Meet Amanda, the creator of WholeBodyHealth. Amanda believes that we are all divine beings, and that one of our jobs in this earth body is to remember that unique divinity and re-establish our belief in it.


She supports clients utilizing Ayurveda and Tantra to help guide individuals to their own wealth of bliss that lies within. She has studied the body in many wasy from fitness instructor/Personal trainer to Ayurveda, tantra yoga, mayo-facial yoga and breathwork, WATAflow therapy, herbalism and Swedish massage. She has an active practice of teaching others how to utilize these different practices to access their own bliss within living in the highest state of health and well-being. 

She will guide us this week through nourishing tantric yoga, Abhyanga using wildcrafted oils, and restorative practices to connect with the divine within each of us.

Amanda Terry
Movement Medicine Guide
Sara Jane Taylor
Ritual Facilitator + Spaceholder

Sara Jane Taylor is a Master Flower Essence Practitioner and the medicine woman behind Herbal Roots Flower Essence line and Herbal Roots Apothecary. Her healing journey unfolded in 2002 as a graduate from the Clinic Herb Program at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies with a background in Vitalist/Earth Centered Herbalism, Vibrational Medicine, Ethical Wildcrafting, Holistic Nutrition, and Medicine Making. The cornerstones of the three year herbal program in Boulder, CO, included plant wisdoms from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, Ancestral Medicine, and Western Herbalism.


Sara has been traversing the plant medicine path for over 25 years now working with people, plants, and animals. She is a lover of life, believer in plant medicine, and an ethical wildcrafter when the season is ripe. Through a direct and profound experience in her own hero’s journey, Sara has gained deep insight and complete faith in the power of plants and currently facilitates Herbal Roots Apothecary on the Southwestern slope of Colorado in the tribal lands of the Taveewach or “People of Sun Mountain,” the largest band of the Ute tribe.


She is currently training with the Four Winds Society and a teacher in their Munay-Ki program. She will facilitate sacred space as we enter into different Rituals and Ceremonies this week. 

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