Meet the Hosts

Jenna Barnes
A Wildly Inspired Chef

“FOOD IS pleasure AND nourishment”


After working on organic farms for years and diving into studies of Herbalism with the East West School of Planetary Herbology, Jenna is obsessed with quality ingredients and wildcrafted plants.


A “kitchen magician” or “food fairy”, as she’s been labeled, Jenna is furthermore an endlessly curious cat, a travel lover; drawn to places and people from which she learns about new flavors, traditional recipes, and medicinal herbs. She infuses this knowledge with her own creative twist to the dishes she creates.


No matter what event or occasion, her intention is to serve inspired, healing and energizing food that connects us to a place and with purpose.

Amanda Terry
Movement Meditation Queen

Born with a passion for helping others, travel, and overall wellness Amanda’s interest in the body started early as she played multiple sports growing up. It wasn’t until after spending years working in gyms as a personal trainer/ group fitness instructor that she realized there was a big problem in the fitness world, a disconnection between the mind and the body. This lead Amanda to commence more intentional travels to different parts of the world in search of to how to bridge that gap. One thing she learned is that the body heals itself, and nature helps.


Over the years she began to dive into the studies of Ayurveda and Tantra in India. This lead her to further understand the body, the mind, and the soul on a deeper level, and their function to creating a harmonious environment for one's overall wellness.


Amanda continues to share her love for whole body health with the intention to help others find their inner bliss through teachings of yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, meditation and whole body wellness. She is a YTTC certified tantric yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and Ayurvedic health coach.

Giorgos Apostolakis
The Ancient Traveler

Giorgos is an archaeologist, event organizer and a philosopher. He is an enthusiast of ancient Greek customs, mythology and a lover of discussions. 

Giorgos lives in a mountain village on Crete and enjoys adventuring around the island- excavating and digging deeper into the ancient life. Music is part of his spiritual journey. Experimenting with the ancient Greek lyre and other primitive sounds, he enjoys exploring the rythymns of human life and its connection with nature.

His depth of knowledge combined with the skill for storytelling weave together the power of a place and paint a picture that will take you back in time. His focus is to give a complete experience of connecting people to the spiritual and physical nature of Crete.