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Click here for an interactive map with accomodation information: 

Day 1: welcome

           arrive, check-in to hotel, relax + rest

Day 2: demeter: goddess of the harvest

           8:00: morning ritual

           8:45: tea coffee + breakfast

           10:30: walk to farmer’s market: taste, smell, collect ingredients for dinner

           12:30pm: lunch on your own+explore Chania

           6:00pm: opening circle:ceremony

           7:30pm: farmer’s market dinner

Day 3: pilgrimage to asclepius

           7:00am: tea coffee + quick breakfast 

           8:00am: depart for Sougia

           9:30am: hike to ancient Lissos (4.5 miles): ritual at temple of Asclepius: free time to integrate: water healing in the sea

           4:00pm: boat taxi to return to Sougia

           7:00pm: dinner at our favorite local taverna

Day 4: anthomania: blossoms

           7:30am: morning meditation 

                    tea coffee + breakfast

           9:15am: depart for ferry to Agia Roumeli

           10:00am: hike from Agia Roumeli to Loutro on the legendary E4 trail (12 miles)

           4:00pm: arrive to Phoenix Hotel near Loutro

           dinner at your leisure: enjoy at our hotel taverna

           optional rooftop restorative/yoga nidra under the stars

Day 5: thalassa: goddess of the sea

            8:00am: abhyanga practice

            9:30am: brunch

            11:00am: free time at the sea: hike, snorkel, relax, luxuriate in the healing waters

            6:00pm: dinner ritual + herbal elixirs workshop

Day 6: melissae: priestess of the bees

          8:00: tea coffee + breakfast

          10:15: boat to Chora Sfakion

          11:00: drive to Maroulas (2 hours) - surprise stops along the way

          1:30pm: farm lunch with a view

          3:30pm: herbal-infused oils workshop: highlight on plants from Minoan times

          7:00: dinner at our villa

          8:30pm: priestess movement on the terrace under the stars

Day 7: diktynna: great Minoan goddess

          8:00am: morning practice

          9:30am: breakfast buffett

          11:00am: Maroulas hike + wildcraft plants + local taverna lunch 

          2:30pm: Marianna’s Herbal Workshop: tea tasting and smudge sticks

          8:00pm: final dinner + sacred ceremony

Day 8: integrate

            8:00am: tea ceremony + closing circle

            9:30am: breakfast

             11:30am: depart for Chania/airport

            1:00pm: arrive at airport

*itinerary may change based on weather, flow, etc



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